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RentPaidOnline’s philosophy is clear: simplify payment processing and seamlessly integrate those transactions into your property management software. With RentPaidOnline’s cutting edge innovations, we are providing you the most innovative and secure technologies available. With near real-time integrations, residents will never have to worry about inaccurate balances or missed deadlines.

RentPaidOnline offers a revolutionary integrated marketing engine to ensure you get the adoption you have come to expect. With multi-family marketing needs in mind, RentPaidOnline has developed an on-demand system that puts marketing efforts at your fingertips. Our system gives you the flexibility to tailor your approach to meet the needs of your residents.

Frustrated with not being able to reconcile your bank statement and outdated reporting functionality? Our customized approach to reporting clearly separates us from our competitors. RentPaidOnline has designed its reports to encompass the business needs of your organization without sacrificing efficiency or flexibility.

With RentPaidOnline, rent week will seem like any other week. We offer a full scale solution that will allow you streamline your receivables by either utilizing one of our many integrations, leveraging our advanced Application Program Interface, or using our industry-first technologies to process payments

How It Works

Here is an overview of how our system works.

Sign up for RentPaidOnline service through your RPO Sales Representative

Login with the user ID and password provided to you

Enter Your properties into the system via RentPaidOnline

Enter Your Residents’ info into the system
Resident self-register

New Residents apply online (app fees & deposits are paid online)

Residents Pay Rent (via web, mobile, text or phone)

Property Recieves Rent

Integrated properties will be added by RPO during your setup

Integrated properties’ residents are imported automatically

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