Stay Focused on What Matters, Keeping Residents Happy.

spend time with your residents, not bank deposit slips.

Rent Paid Online lets you and your staff be friendly property representatives instead of chasing down rent payments. Providing convenience for residents gives them another reason to extend their leases and empowers them to manage their own experience.

Make Residents Happy

Allow tenants to pay anyway they choose; AutoPay, Mobile Apps for iOS and Android, PayByText, or personto- person with our toll-free bilingual customer service.

Stay Focused on Signing New Leases

Spend your time sourcing prospective tenants instead of managing the monthly rent cycle.

Give Residents More Flexibility

Rent Paid Online supports all payment methods residents want including credit/debit cards, E-check and cash payments through RentByCash.

Enable Safe and Secure Cash Transactions

RentByCash keeps cash and money order payments out of your office.

Feel Secure in Your Transactions

Rent Paid Online is backed by EFX, a leading financial services company with broad experience in the payments industry, specifically ACH, credit/debit card and ATM processing.

Reduce Tenant Turnover

Free up time to focus on customer service and the overall resident experience.

Maximize the Advantages

Rent Paid Online provides a full range of financial and adoption support resources.

Allow Tenants to Self-Manage

Now residents can create and manage their own online rent profiles and use them to pay their rent online and on time every month.

Why Everyone loves Rent Paid Online!

“Anything that saves us both time and money is great for us - and Rent Paid Online does exactly that.”

“The customer service our residents have received from Rent Paid Online has been excellent. Our residents hardly ever have to come to the office with questions about paying their rent!”

“I love Rent Paid Online. It integrates with our property management software, removing any need to post any on-site payments. It saves both myself and the residents time. They don’t have to come into the office to pay their rent and I don’t have to deposit the checks at the bank.”

“Rent Paid Online has let us provide our tenants with a more flexible way to pay their rent that fits in with their busy lives.”

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Contact Us

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