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Benefits for Residents

Rent Paid Online understands that today’s tenants have busy lives and hectic schedules. Offering automatic payments, including AutoPay, is a welcomed convenience. Now, residents can manage their rent payment options on their own schedule from the privacy of their own home or while on the go with their mobile device.

More Freedom

Enable residents to pay anyway they choose by offering AutoPay, Mobile Apps for IOS and Android and PayByText.

A Safer Solution

Conveniently located at select retail locations, residents can pay rent with cash securely with RentByCash.

Ability to Authorize

Whether using their computer, tablet or smartphone, residents can pay their rent electronically or they can call our bilingual customer service representatives and pay over the phone.

Save Time

Rent Paid Online makes your experience hassle-free by eliminating trips to the property management office to drop off a check or process a credit card payment.

More Control

Allow tenants to run their own rent profile without involving property personnel.

More Choices

Rent Paid Online supports a full range of payment options including credit/debit cards, E-checks, phone and even cash payments.

Maintenance Request

We give the ability to send a request from anywhere at any time.


We know you are busy. That is why we can send alerts via email or text to let you know when payment is due